Sticky notes

After long weeks of exams and even longer days of photographing for work, after all my intellectual effort (yeah, don't laugh) and constant restraint not to blow everything off and do photos for me and read books only for me (which resulted in a wide wide wide range of sticky notes on my desk with ideas, chores and things to do) now I am..I feel like...like one of those people who prepare for a long time for something like a big daring trip and the day before they have to leave they chicken out.

I should have a big red sticky note on my computer screen which says : Stop expecting so much !
From you, from others, from the world or the weather.
Now I am too tired to do all those things. I want to see my friends and take my cam but conversations seem exhausting and my cam is soooo heavy.

Eventually I am going to get my ass of this chair and do all those things and more, but let me crash for a while. Crash....good movie, good word. When I visualize the word "crash" I imagine it like a crash between stars that, by some accident of nature, get closer and closer to each other not knowing that when they touch they'll hurt and transform beyond anything they can imagine...yeah...I remember a list I made once. It seems so long ago that the stars almost faded out. " study, play the piano again, learn to speak Chinese, tell him I love him ..." I did one of those things and so I visualize the word crash.

Another word I like is "air" that makes me think about "air under my wings" (big surprise my blog is named "Wing" in Romanian , isn't it ?!). And if I close my eyes I can still feel this morning's cool air on the 9th floor of a home building, looking out as the sun rose. Out of nowhere a warm breeze put it's arm around me.
When the sun rises you can't see the stars.
It's typical for us to wonder in thought towards those that are soo far away, even if it's right there, in your eye, close to your planet, the brightest, warmest star you'll ever see.

Photos from my last day as a student this year!! uhuuu. In Green Hours . Love you Becs and Mire :hug:

On my way to work. In Adi's building. Constanta.

From the only day I visited the beach when I worked in Constanta last week. Photo taken with my mobile. I didn't want to risc the sand getting in my cam. It's to much of a new toy. He sleeps in pillows and I wash my hands when I touch him (LOOOl. joke...sort of).


A day for heroes

for tired feet

because contrasts attract

because I never play golf

because I found my ballance

because I am funny these days

because my heart feels again

because I love bubbles

because I love photographing them

because there is young and there is old

because they fly

because they are red

because I close my eyes and I still see

because she's a as black as me

A girl my age died yesterday. I can't say anything to make the world better today.

We are constantly being reminded how lucky we are.

Just live, chase your happiness.

Why heroes? Because they have a happy end, in this world or the next.

My kisses will fly to reach you in red balloons; <3 for the beautiful new angel.

Into the night

I've been asleep for sooooooo loooooong !
Afraid of the past, afraid of the present, afraid of the future.

I've realized some time ago why I love movies and TVshows and mostly every kind of art form (well, I do have a preference for the ones involving visual methods...professional handicap :P aaaaaaaaaaaaa I work as a photographer. I have a bloody T-shirt that says :
).I love them because I search for answers. Everytime I see "Pride and Prejudice" I take it to mean that even though there are obstacles love will win and each time I remember "The international" I think to myself people still try to make the world a better place and everytime I replay Friends (oh my. i know it by memory...all ten seasons) I see that there is joy in life, today, evethough I am not an astronaut of a spy or a milliondollar payed actress.

Maybe I am one of those people who think that the things that we can imagine can happen, so if it's possible in a screenwritter's, photographer's, writter's mind then it can happen "real life" (I reserve the right to use commas so to not get into a while discussion about what is reality and what is not real).

Last night I said to Ş. "God is giving my years back".
Never waste time!

Friday was a blast =))
So I got up, I read for the exam, I took the exam (the very very worst. never been so worried in my life), I ran home, I ran back to town to meet my boss, saw my bf on the street going out with a friend and his ex (that's cleared up now :P, boy will he hate me now :D), swore like a sailor, got to Snagov, smoked a cigarette, did lots of photos, danced a lot and drove back to Bucharest at six am because the boys drank....summer nights I guess.
It was a lovely party. And the song above played that night.

Visual :


The untitled

This is because I feel
Break my body,
Displace my skin,
Renounce my flesh,
And break my bones
Destroy my defenses,
Leave me a naked soul,

Create my mornings

And mend my eyes,

Call out for truth,

Accept my scars;

Break my body

Holding my past,

Create me a shell

We both fit in.

This is because I think
I was talking with a dear friend and he said that money doesn't bring happiness. I begin to slowly understand how important it REALLY is to chase your dreams.
The phrase seems pointless. Of course we should chase our dreams but I'll be honest and say that I usually wait for life to give me a little opportunity or something to push me in that direction. The easier ways are easy and it's even easier to say to yourself that "it will happen. right now I have to be realistic".
I've never been a person that likes to wait, especially for things I really want.
I know I shouldn't quit school and sell everything I own to travel by train around Europe and take photographs (lol). There is a limit ...or better said...there can be a balance, but if I had to choose I know now I'd rather go a little hungry than say over a very expensive cup of coffee that money doesn't bring happiness.

This is because I exist

feminine touch

Adi wanted a photo like Ryan Gosling in The Notebook. We'll have to work on that.

I was waiting for Ş. on a bench. I love looking up.


A day of work

I used to think that my work will be something very far from my heart. I thank God everyday that I can make money with my cam, at least for a while.

Last Friday I was in Constanta, at the Ovidius University, the Constructions section. So the guys I photographed will be the engineers of tomorrow, literally, cause they just graduated.

They seemed fun and what I am most surprised of every time I go to these gatherings is that I can't shake the feeling that they are "grown-ups" and I am not. Most of them are one , maybe two ears older than I am.

I like to photograph details like this.

They like to have fun most of the times.

Boy! did this teacher seem strict...but she was a breath of fresh air after what I felt like as 3 hours of speech from another very boring professor.

This is Ela, Mihai's girlfriend. She works with us. She helps out.
With what? Well...the beauty :P but what they do is they have to give the "kids" the robes and the togas and the personalized scarwes and the bagdes .... . It's not that easy. And there's the transport of these things etc etc. Not my job.

I love this photograph. In the background you can see the name of the firm which is also the firm's net adress.
In the foregound is Adi. I guess he's Mihai's associate.

Adi, Ela and Lucian. Another little helper :)

The senzation of the say was that Mihai let Ela drive the rented wan we got for transporting the robes.

She was having a lot of fun.



From now on this is going to be a real blog.

I'm going to tell you about my day, about what's great or not (I reserve the right to have an oppinion :P ), about..well...I'm going to say.
So far it's been inside "jokes" or general stuff.

Let's all be more specific.

My life tonight is scotch, cigarettes, melancholy...and reading statuses on messenger. Yup. As lame as it gets. You're always lame the moment after you made a big choice cause nobody can really say if it was the right one...so you wait for the answer in a more uncertain state pf consciousness. : ))

here's a freaking metaphor


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