The Youth of Kamiya Etsuko

searching about it on the internet I came across something that sounded like this:
...it lacks any artificial help from a soundtrack to reveal the sadness...

What socked me about this movies, except it's gentleness which I consider a result of the culture that has produced the movie, was the moment Kamiya was crying in the kitchen. It was one of those moments when your mouth is smiling, like really really smiling. I was thinking that it's funny. The way she cried seemed like a child that was too nice and naive. That's the way the women behaved through the whole movie. So it was funny really.
But my eyes were filling up with water and it was one of those moments when you fought not to cry. I saw myself made out of 3 people. One was smiling and saying "dude, this is funny", one was crying and feeling pain like crazy, and the last, the most detached one, was analysing what was happening to the other two.
She was crying because the man she, as we understand, loved, was going to war, as a kamikaze. Instead of going after him on the road and maybe stealing one moment of truthful acknowledged love she goes in the kitchen and cries. I think it was not only the loss. It was the loss and the fact that she couldn't do anything to change the situation. She couldn't even go after him. It would only mean she had more to lose. Feeling powerless against war is only a metaphor for being powerless against our own rules or pride or society.



old Fed photo of my desktop

woooo wooo wooouooooo



When I feel a million years of age
I rest my thoughts on that white page
That seems to say more than a lot,
That seems to have more than I got,
The story meant to not be told,
The truth I have yet to unfold.


Where I want to live



And then it was ...

Gorgeous :D

cause women wear pants


Page from the pink notebook

Yesterday...no , today, a little after 00 am

Human worth. That's what Mammoth is about. The same (most expensive) pen (in the world, made out of mammoth ivory) is worth than 30$ or less in another context... And the end is shocking...the western family seems left untouched while the others fall apart and build themselves again.
I was laughing today in the subway. I saw how ridiculous human clothes are. It's amazing, because it's not about covering our nakedness. It's about pushing up, down, tightening, shoving and stretching stuff. We stick our bodies in these moulds. I got started with this because of the disappointment with Sex&The City and because I was so obsessed with clothes for a few..many weeks.
But i also believe that nothing is meaningless. A bad movie, something stupid you buy, some conversation you have about chiskens or anything. Nothing is meaningless. You might just have a good idea while discussing flavours of gum.


I have really crawled up the stairs in my building today. chill and sleep...After all, tomorrow is another day.

I belong

At some point you want to be possessed and owned like a crayon, to be kept all little in a pocket and carried around, in the dark and hidden, but loved as the hand strokes you when no one is paying attention. It's warm and the sounds seem distant and large in that pocket.

The play I was talking about yesterday.

I want to be kept in his pocket

Tomorrow I will hopefully finish a new Lomo film during us girls' evening out :D Uhuu !





I've spent most of today browsing the internet...yes, I am ashamed of it but eh. Through one of those infinite chains of links (looking for that, aww that's interesting, click that, then that then...that) I came across this "old" series. I said to myself I have to have them all in one place and stare at them when I want to. The first 3-4 are the top, the rest are random.
I reaaaaaaaly disagree with the Aladdin portrayal! First of all because it always seemed to me that Aladdin and the Princess were young and that is reflected in their actions. Those "old" guys are definitely not good for this. Such a big NONO!
Since David is not naked he is not fun :| and terribly unconvincing. I am surprised Annie released that photo. The same with the Arthur photo. I don't even understand who that is.

The photos which actually are based on surprising choices are nice. Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland are wonderful.

And an indie song to seal the deal.
Tomorrow, hopefully will be about photos from a play I am very excited to see.



Et toi dans mon lit
Doux présent du présent
Fraîcheur de la nuit
Chaleur de ma vie.

pour Monsieur X.

(dans les mots du Jacques Prévert)


About the one you never knew

Has anyone asked who took that photo?



New face for the blog. It's a template orginaly from thumblr I think. I like it, dark yet colorful.

About that...found some images in the basket of goodies. Old one so...here'a face lift for it, in the sense that is shinnes once more on display:

Benjamino Terraneo

* next morning>I noticed the song was not working, went to the source and found the whole youtube mute...weiiirrddd


L-a apucat de picior, l-a apucat bine acum de picioare și îl trage afară. Cheile zdrăngăne de Turnul Eiffel suspendat cu vârful în jos. Zdrang….zdrang. O pasare îi zâmbește transparent.

Asculta mai multe audio Muzica


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