Life on a fridge door

I have likes and dislikes, preferences and I also have many ways of evaluating how people live/are/aspire.
I like to look though windows at night when the light is on behind the glass. I never stare but when passing by I take a small moment to glance in the person's territory, a place where I, as a stranger to them, will never enter. I usually see a lamp or a something on the walls or the curtains. Even the color of the walls or of the bulb still means something to me. A few weeks ago I was passing a very old house, a house with big big wooden windows, like they used to make them and they were all dusty and aged by wind and rain. Behind the yellowish curtains which had been white once I could see a lot of statues. The room looked like a studio, from where I saw it. A lot of wooden figures and shapes out lying around or displayed on a shelf. I thought to myself that there must be a sculptor in the house. I kept walking by and told the person I was walking with. She didn't look at all. At the time I thought to myself it was strange. The curtains were so casualty thrown to the sides by the objects lying around near the window and I recognized in a second a human shape. Why wouldn't you take a peek in a house so old and romantic?

I was clear to me that even if many people probably do this, look though windows or have curiosities they don't fully understand or give it any importance. Their curiosity goes as far as "let's see what's that", it doesn't progress to "what does that mean?".

The house in which someone lives is of great importance. If you have an extremely clean and neatly decorated house and if you always know what you want when you open the fridge, you are boring to me. Sorry! If you have a life outside the house, if you use the house (meaning it's not some vacation house, somewhere where you live 2 days a year) then it can't look perfect. "Not boring" people can't help throwing an article of clothing somewhere when they're in a hurry, they buy stuff because they like it even if it doesn't mach their initial decorating style and they receive gifts they are forced to keep because it's from your mother or your mother-in-law or some buddy with awful taste in clocks that comes around every week.
People who have emotions and thoughts and jobs and chores and dates sometimes open the fridge door only to realize they were looking for the remote or that they are not so hungry. :P This brings me closer to a very important detail . The fridge door.
I have no idea who started this trend to put all kinds of stuff on your fridge door but I love it. Instead of a CV or a complete background check I would be satisfied to see your fridge door. What is written on the Post-its, what kind of pictures, magnets, stickers ? I feel such a big joy to put something new on my fridge door, a new magnet from Paris, a new sticker with some funny cartoon...

There are many ways of evaluating the content of the fridge door. For example there are the classic family photos. Its clear that that person loves his family. It depends on how old those photos look to understand if those photos are for fun or because that person misses the family members. If you're in a relationship and you have a very old photo of you two still there, no new one you thought of putting there, I would recommend some resurrection methods. I personally love the mix and mach: photos of people (bro's, family, the new baby cousin etc), magnets with places or movies and other trivia, cool stickers and most of all post-it's to remember your self to take the clothes out of the machine or buy milk.
It's one of those things you usually don't notice because it's there everyday and it grows and changes slowly, but sometimes if I'm down and I end up wanting a bite or forgetting that the remote isn't in the fridge I notice the colors and a rush of happy memories does the trick.

woooaaaauu!! long one.

I am just starting to make my fridge door.



It's been a while since I wrote anything.
Real life keeps me busy.
Weddings, divorces, trips, school, boyfriends, friends, houses,facebook, money, chores, papers, shopping, sleeping, party , superpokefriends, movies, aquarium, tailors, lack of money, relatives, eating, movies again, facebook again, superpokefriends again...
and movies again.
I saw Marie-Antoinette, the one by Sofia Coppola. I mean let's skip the nominations and awards, but take a look at this soundtrack : soundtrack . O_O . I love it when things surprise me.

I have a stack of pills next to my chocolate. I have a cold. Ironic that probably the last pretty sunny week of this autumn I am spending it in the house with a runny nose. Irony amuses me.

In times like these I love to browse photos with sunny places and sunny people.
It's been half a year since I've become one of those sunny people. Like I said,
I love... surprises.


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