Exercise & Discrimination

nice little article in Times > http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/music/article6813491.ece
They just had to dig up the Basescu-gypsy incident. God Damn IT!

Completely shocked about the Madonna concert incident. It's fresh news, the concert was last night. Already I've read journals on DeviantArt and some very small news on the internet.
This article....
>> http://uk.news.yahoo.com/5/20090827/twl-madonna-booed-over-sad-gypsy-abuse-3fd0ae9.html << I will never discriminate a person for being a gipsy. I "discriminate" a person for being unwashed, for talking dirty and swearing at me. I "discriminate" a person who threatens me or calls me names just because they know I can't turn back and say something because of the knife or the other 5 friends around him/her. I've seen blonde gipsy's, white gipsy's. Their color or looks have nothing to do with it...so neither does their ethnicity. We should respect their customs and traditions...but can we call stealing a tradition? or begging? I think that needs to be corrected.
I don't hear Madonna talking about romanians being discriminated in Italy.
What foreigners with high regards towards democracy and equality, with millions of dollars in their pockets, do not understand is that their are asking us to accept rudeness and lack of politeness and garbage.
Romanians are very practical and I do not think that a person won't hire a person with Roma origins if they are qualified. This is what discrimination is about: lack of equality in employment, education, law etc. As far as I have heard Romanians(by ethnicity because we are all Romanian citizens! gypsy or not) do not discriminate when it comes to accept a student (plus they have special spots...why?anyway) or to hire someone QUALIFIED!

It is not normal to accept 12 year old kids getting married, it is not ok to accept rudeness or the fact that they are taught to be selfish and unclean.
There are also many Romanians like that...we should give them free spots in university too!

They are a social problem for us. Not because they dance beautifully or have talent in music.Not because they like to be somewhat nomads or free. Their family group has serious problems. They are still "medieval". Mostly everything is accompanied by physical punitive methods. Tradition is held even above the law.

It sounds terrible, I know. The highly educated Romanians civilize the gypsies. We have our own problems. We seem to absorb their culture and not the other way around. the 'manele', the clothes, the vulgar language, the crimes.

What I want to hear is their so called king and respected people in their community say "hey, let's all learn, let's all wash and let's all stop stealing and work".
What they really lack is the desire to integrate.

I exercise living on my own
I exercise cooking by myself
I exercise washing my clothes all by myself

and the newest thing is I exercise being with people on my own.

We learn to interact from other people. From our parents, our friends, our brothers etc etc .
I threw all that I learned away. More than one reason showed me that in my "adult" life what I though to be as correct or "the way it should be /is" is in fact, wrong and false.
I can't say that my family steered me in the wrong way but their rules do not apply...not to my satisfaction anyway.

" U ok? " = intrebare complexa/complex question

most of the times it's like this . 5 characters (including the space and the question mark)
how can this be a question that stops you and makes you think?

I am one of those people who find the most simple expressions the most ambiguous, because they have few words, because I fail to see the parameters in which my strain of thoughts should stay in.
I am not completely lost, I don't usually do this. Most "u ok?" I answer with "yes"," sure", "yup" or very rarely..."no". But when things are going on it's impossible not to be caught up somewhere in between "yes" and "no", you yourself not knowing which it is.

What I think about this problem is that we should ask ourselves more often if we are ok, happy, satisfied, complete and stop waiting for others to ask so that we can talk abut it or even think about it.


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